Lucille Ball.
Flushing Meadow,
Queens, 1964.

When the New York World's Fair held its commemorative "Lucy Day" 8/31/64, comedian Ball left a lasting imprint next to gossip columnist and famed hat-wearer Hedda Hopper. To all who attended, seeing Lucille Ball that day outweighed the miles they had to travel or the personal budget they had to spend.

The black & white pictures on this page of
"Lucy Day"
are from a scrapbook I own that was specialy made by Lucy's very own publicist of the special day.
August 31, 1964
2012=48 years


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These color photos are from



The Lucy Show -
The Official Third Season (1964 - 1965/CBS DVD)

The reason the new Lucy Show - Season Three DVD set makes an excellent purchase is not for the episodes but for the feature: Lucy at the World's Fair. It chronicles the celebration of Lucy Day at the World's Fair which took place on August 31, 1964. Albert Fisher, who was involved with the event, recalls Lucille Ball's 15 hour visit. Featured is silent and sound footage from Lucy's special day.



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