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Episode #47, aired February 16, 1953

Ricky and Ethel recall a past Wednesday Afternoon Fine Arts League election meeting that was held at the Ricardo's. Before the meeting, Lucy shows off her new cashmere sweater and matching bag, and gossip commences on the "latest" about Marion Strong. The meeting approves of asking Ruth Knickerbocker to join their club. Though Ruth is described as a quiet, mousy type, she's remembered for having a very appropriate punch bowl and cups, suitable for club meetings. Lucy feels she'll be nominated for every office and at every nomination during the meeting, she expects it's her name she'll hear. Nominations for the League finally end up with the current president nominating Ethel as the next president. Jealous Lucy bribes Lillian Appleby, using her new cashmere outfit, to nominate her too. During the campaign for office, Lucy finds out that half the club is voting for Ethel and half is voting for her; thus leaving new member Ruth to hold the deciding vote. Fred and Ricky also realize Ruth's power here, and decide that if their wives are President, their lives will be too much more involved than necessary, so they secretly decide to sway Ruth's vote so that she doesn't vote for their wives. At Ricky's next show, Fred is found dancing with Mrs. Knickerbocker. Surprised at this, Ricky sings and dances with her too. Lucy and Ethel arrive at the club to celebrate, since elections were held that night, and they announce they've been elected co-presidents. Ruth had not been able to vote because she was home sick in bed from all the rich food the two nominees fed her. And, they pointed out that the boys had been mistakenly entertaining Ruth's mother-in-law!

Songs: "Cuban Cabby", "Cielito Lindo"

Cast: Doris Singleton as Lillian Appleby, Margine Liszt as Marion Strong, Lurene Tuttle as Club president, Peggy Rea as Pauline Lopus, Hazel Pierce as Grace Munson, Ida Moore as Mrs. Knickerbocker

Summary by Mike Broad

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