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One of my favorite episodes...

But NOT my favorite!

Take a look at some other FUN LUCY STUFF.

 I Love Lucy was originally budgeted at $20-25000 a show, but when Desilu decided to use film rather than Kinescope for production, that budget was exceeded. Desi and Lucy agreed to a $1000 a week pay cut for the 1st year. In return they got 100% ownership rights to the show.

 Desi invented the 'crab dolly' to follow the actors around the I Love Lucy set. It could move in any direction like a crab, and kept the camera steady. This technique was popularized by TV sitcoms and is still in use today.

 Lucille Ball appeared on 41 different TV Guide covers, including the 2000th special edition & the 40th Anniversary issue.

 In 1952, I Love Lucy incorporated Lucille Ball's pregnancy into the show. Although the word couldn't be used on air, it was the first prime time show to address the issue of pregnancy.


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