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The Borden Twins, Roz & Marilyn (Teensey & Weensy) What they looked like when I met them

Meet Irma Kusley, Lucy's hairstylist. (Not responsible for making Lucy's hair red)

Meet Universal Studios' Lucy & Ricky (Suzanne LaRusch & Adrian Israel)

Lucy & Jess Oppenheimer

The New Lucy Doll from Hamilton Collection

A peak into Glen's Livingroom full of Lucy stuff

Glen's Dining room & Lucy Mannequin (full of more Lucy stuff)

Lucy, the showgirl (autographed)

A rare autographed photo of Lucy (signed Love Lucy Ball)

See a poster for The Fuller Brush Girl

A gorgeous shot of Lucy on the cover of November, 1943 Movie Show Magazine

Lucy on the cover of March, 1944 Movie Life Magazine

See an autographed photo of Lucy

How about another autographed photo of Lucy

And yet, another autographed photo of Lucy

See an autographed photo of Vivian Vance

Look at a photo taken on the set of Yours, Mine and Ours

Glen and Lucie Arnaz at the Gala Reception after her performance at Lucyfest '92

Glen and Lucie Arnaz backstage at Harrah's in Atlantic City, NJ

Glen and Gregg Oppenheimer taken at Loving Lucy Convention '96 dinner banquet

Glen and Keith Thibodeaux (Little Ricky) taken at the same place as above

(L - R) Breck Richardson, Glen Charlow and Neil Wilburn

The "real" Marion Strong VanVlack

An entrance ticket to a "Life With Lucy" taping

A first day envelope from the Lucy-Desi museum opening in Jamestown




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